About Nick

Hello, I'm Nick! Thank you for checking out my portfolio. A little bit about me: I love my friends, family and highly enjoy competition. One word of advice would be to live in the moment and not worry about what's happening or what could be happening. I have really been blessed with the current position I am in. I have built a great community of over 800,000 people who all share similar interests to myself on the Paradise Network. I'm very humbled to interact and create new content for this community collectively coming from 15 different countries . Primarily, I am very well invested in Minecraft Server Development, Network Hosting and back-end security. I also manage multiple payment gateways for third party merchants at a low rate. My current day life is school, training, constant additions to my servers and most importantly living life to the fullest.

Want to work with Nick? Contact him at me@nicklauer.net

Extra Curricular

Nick has participated in the following programs.


A program preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to be ready for careers. It's a competitive, international association of marketing students, providing character development activities.

Woman's Life

No, Nick is not a woman, but he does help his mother and grandmother through this program. Woman's Life is a non-profit. It promotes hundreds of event possibilities, and turns them into charitable ones. We have done Local Movie Nights, Can Drives raising over $40,000 for people in need.